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Lowcountry Money Talk

The Tax Ceiling Debate

Effects of Nation's Debt

Balancing Your Buckets

Long-Term Tax Plan

Myth Busting Taxes in Retirement

Taxation of Social Security

The Effects of Inflation

Tax Rates Due to Sunset

The Retirement "Perfect Storm"

Dealing with Runaway Inflation

How Our Country's Debt Will Affect Your Retirement

Social Security & Taxes

The Marshmallow Test

Taxes & 401Ks During Retirement

Paying Taxes Now vs Later

Tax Distribution

The 4 Ds in Retirememt





Could the debt limit crisis derail your retirement?

Retirement Plan

Questions to ask your spouse about retirement


Signs you are ready to retire

Bull/Bear Strategies for RMDs

Overlooked Strategies for Retirement Planning

How Social Security is TAXED

Review of 2022

Financial Checklist

Rule of 100

Your Portfolio and the Market

Secure Act 2.0

Types of Advisors

The IRS & Taxes

Income Planning for the New Year

Social Security & Your Income

Are You Happy With Your Investments?

Top Retirement Tips for 2023

Retirement Math


Job Layoffs

New Standard Deduction Brackets: How can this Benefit you?

Social Security Increases

Be prepared for more interest Rate HIKES

How much money should you keep in the MARKET??

Income During Retirement

Phillip Bloyd Answers viewer Questions

Things to be mindful of During a BEAR Market

Different Sources of INCOME in Retirement

Fear of LIVING longer than YOUR MONEY

WHAT are You doing to take advantage of the Tax Rates TODAY?

Did YOU know that a BEAR Market could drop up to 40 percent?

Do you honestly have ENOUGH TIME to recover From a BEAR Market if YOU stay Invested like YOU are?


Questions answered on Social Security

How to keep your money and make it last your LIFETIME or GENERATIONS

Do YOU have a WRITTEN RETIREMENT PLAN? Has a life event happened, and YOU need to UPDATE your Retirement Plan?

Biggest fear Retirees have is Running out of MONEY
What NOT to do with YOUR MONEY

CAN Historical Numbers Predict the FUTURE?

Have You been having Signs & Symptoms
of Heartburn & Anxiety?

Rule of 100s

When was the last time you had a Portfolio Analysis?

How does the End of the Quarter
effect Your Finances?

Are YOU protected for a FINANCIAL HURRICANE?

Is your IRA withdraw causing your taxes to go up?

Risk VS Reward:
Is your portfolio RISK right for your age?

Fees & Expenses:
Do you really know how much you are paying?

Did YOU spend more time Planning for
Your Vacation vs Your RETIREMENT?

Great advice From Phil Bloyd on:
Creating a New Budget
Ways to Save Extra


*Is it Safe to Retire in a Recession?

*Steps to take to protect YOUR Portfolio

*Strategies to TAKE your RMDs

Retirement Income Sources


*Other investments

What Happens to the household income When a Spouse Passes Away?

What Current Events Mean For Your Portfolio

Don't Overexpose Yourself

Don't keep YOUR spouse in the Dark,

Do you even have a Retirement plan or
Just a bunch a PRODUCTS that were sold to you?

How much of YOUR portfolio is
at Risk for YOUR reward?

Financial Instability Factors


Government Spending


Strategies To Taking Control Of YOUR Assets

More Market Volatility

World Events Impacting Your Retirement savings


Increasing Energy Prices

Rebuilding--How long will it take?

What is Provisional Income?


Rising interest rates

Roth Conversions - The Right Way

Paying Taxes On IRA Conversions

Bond Dangers With Rising Interest Rates

Current Events

asset allocation VS. income allocation

Bear Markets: Will you have time to recover?

retirement income after fees

looking ahead to 2022

2021 market review

Stock Pickers Struggle to Beat the Market

Current Events

wall street bets S&P will say goodbye to stock gains in 2022

how much income will you need for retirement?

accounting for inflation in retirement planning

Healthcare costs

two phases of retirement

distribution phase of retirement

will your money last as long as you do?

what does the end of the year mean for your finances?

upcoming tax changes

How did revolutionary financial group get started?

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